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A Holistic Approach to Employee Health and Wellbeing

Do your employees seem stressed out, disengaged, and have little energy to give to new projects or initiatives?

Stress that goes unmanaged or unaddressed for long periods of time eventually leads to burnout and all kinds of emotional and physical symptoms such as:

➡️ exhaustion,

➡️ anxiety

➡️ depression

➡️ gut disturbances

➡️ hormonal imbalances

All of these conditions can wreak havoc on our body’s overall functioning.

Interestingly, burnout often stems from occupational stressors.

These stressors can include:

❌ unmanageable workloads

❌ unclear instructions or job expectations

❌ dysfunctional workplace dynamics

❌ a lack of social support

❌ little to no autonomy

❌ little to no recognition

❌ poor work-life balance.

Bouncing back from burnout and stress involves eliminating the stressors and nurturing the mind and body back to a place of balance and harmony.

Meet the Vitali Team Workplace Wellness Programs:

The Vitali Team Workplace Wellness program offers customizable wellness programs designed to help managers and their teams manage stress and beat burnout through a holistic approach to wellness.

With an approach that focuses on the care of the whole person (mind and body), the value of social connections, and building a healthy workplace culture, organizations can significantly reduce:

📌 Employee burnout

📌 Absenteeism

📌 Attrition rates

📌 Healthcare costs

While boosting:

📌 Mental and physical health of employees

📌 Employee engagement

📌 Job satisfaction

📌 Productivity

Through screening, coaching, and lifestyle changes, we help your teams beat chronic symptoms of stress and burnout so they can feel their best again.

When your employees feel mentally strong, resilient, and supported in the workplace, they’re more likely to contribute to a positive and thriving company culture.

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