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Discover the Simple Approach That Can Boost Productivity, Physical Wellness, and Mental Health in Any Organization

While  Reducing  Burnout,  Health  Care  Costs  and  Absenteeism


Your team is the backbone of your organization. Right now…they need your help.


Stress and anxiety levels are high, and striking the right work-life balance has never been more challenging. Now more than ever, mental and physical health plays a massive role in an employee’s performance, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Employers have a unique opportunity to improve physical and mental health across the board, which translates to:

-Boosted productivity

-Strong workplace morale

-Decreased healthcare costs

Our Workplace Wellness Program is your opportunity to take action now.


Our program is specifically designed to help target key areas that contribute to a healthy and productive workplace.

Why Us?

Participants of the VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness programs have reported remarkable improvements in productivity, stress management, immune function, mood, digestive health, cognition, and focus.


These benefits result in a reduction in health care costs, absenteeism and attrition rate for the company.


In other words: 

Say goodbye to staff burnout and disengagement and...

Say hello to employees that feel supported in prioritizing their health as they thrive on every level.


After all, happy employees are the best asset your company will ever have.

Our Care. Connection. Culture  framework  holistically addresses the needs of our individual and corporate clients requiring mental and physical wellness support.

🌱 Care must be personalized.

Comprehensive care may include counseling, coaching, nutrition and lifestyle or prescription medication but it must suit the unique needs of the individual to be effective.

🌱 Connection is key because we are social creatures.

We thrive in the context of supportive relationships and without healthy social connections, our overall health with suffer.

🌱 Culture is the environment where care and connection take place.

Focusing on creating positive personal and professional cultures/communities is like ensuring that we plant our seeds of care and connection in healthy soil so that they can grow and bear the good fruits of mental and physical wellness, belonging and purpose.


With our unique approach, your organization can…



>>Healthcare costs, helping your bottom line

>>Employee burnout and  Absenteeism, increasing productivity across the board

>>  Attrition rates, which keep good employees on your team for the long haul.



>> Employee engagement, to encourage a collaborative environment

>> Mental and physical health, to keep employees happy, healthy, and productive

>> Productivity, to allow your employees to get more work done faster



>>  Your culture, which creates a camaraderie among teammates who work well together and move your organization forward.


>> Fractional Chief Wellbeing Officer Leadership

>> Burnout Recovery Programs

>> Executive Wellbeing Coaching

>> Employee Wellbeing Surveys/Assessments

>> Retreats & Workshops

>> Mental & Metabolic Health Screening

>>  Personalized Health Assessments/Testing

>> Individualized  Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Plans

>> Individualized Fitness Plans

>> Mindfulness Exercises

>> Direct Primary Care Memberships

>> Group Courses

>> Team Fitness Classes like Yoga and Pilates

>> Ergonomic Assessments/Training

>> Financial Health Resources

>> Team experiences curated to promote social connection and a wellness culture

>> Access to health tracking  devices, our Wellness Platform and more...

The health of your organization depends on the health of your team.


When one is out of balance, the other suffers.


The health of your team depends on your actions.

Let us support you in providing a wellness experience where each person is seen,

heard, and holistically cared for.

Discover how much potential your organization truly has.


Contact us with questions or Schedule a Collaboration Consult Today!

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