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The Forty Day Fresh Start Program

Reset.    Heal.    Thrive.


What can you accomplish for your health in 40 days?

A lot more that you think.

The Forty Day Fresh Start is an online, self-directed, diet and lifestyle reset program.

In 40 days you can get a handle on chronic health concerns like:


 - Muscle and joint pain

 - Digestive disturbance like pain, diarrhea, constipation

 - Skin Diseases like Eczema and Psoriasis

 - Fatigue/Insomnia

 - Headaches

 - Anxiety, Depression, Mood swings

 - Difficulty losing weight

 - Frequent infections/illness


How?— By targeting their common cause - chronic inflammation.


The Forty Day Fresh Start is online, and self-directed for your convenience. The program includes the following:

- A 10-day detox

- A comprehensive 184 food sensitivity test and individualized diet plan based on the results

- A 6 week self care course focused on mental wellness and metabolic health

- Access to support via our program app, email and optional virtual consults.

Have you ever wondered if certain foods just don't agree with your body? You will discover your specific food sensitivities via a simple test kit mailed to you and then follow a diet based on your results.

Your individualized diet plan eliminates food sensitivities. These are foods that contribute to inflammation throughout your body and contribute to the chronic illnesses listed above. Eliminating them gives your body a chance to reset, heal and thrive.


The self care course content is delivered via weekly emails including content on therapeutic nutrition and other lifestyle and mindset hacks to help you to live intentionally with your health - mind, body and spirit - as a top priority.


Each week you are presented with another key building block to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes healthy hormones, moods, immune function, digestion and skin as well as emotional, spiritual and interpersonal health.


In 40 days, you can have a Fresh Start.

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