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The Forty Day Fresh Start Program

Reset.    Heal.    Thrive.


What can you accomplish for your health in 40 days?

A lot more that you think.

The Forty Day Fresh Start is an online, diet and lifestyle reset program.

In 40 days you can get a handle on chronic health concerns like:


 - Muscle and joint pain

 - Digestive disturbance like bloating, diarrhea, constipation

 - Skin Diseases like Eczema and Psoriasis

 - Fatigue/Insomnia

 - Headaches

 - Anxiety, Depression, Mood swings

 - Difficulty losing weight

- PMS, PCOS, Menopause and other hormonal imbalances 

 - Frequent infections/illness

The Forty Day Fresh Start is online with virtual visits/calls for your convenience. The program includes the following:

- A 10-day detox

- Comprehensive blood testing

-Gut Microbiome testing

- A  184 food sensitivity test and individualized diet plan based on the results

- A 6 week health coaching course focused on mental wellness and metabolic health

-7 Virtual visits: An initial intake visit and 6 weekly coaching consults

- 2 strategy sessions with Wellness Coordinator for dietary support

- Access to support via our program app and email. 

- 3 Supplements included and 15% off all other orders from virtual dispensary

Have you ever wondered if certain foods just don't agree with your body? I did. After having my baby, I thought that things were just "off " as part of the postpartum phase. I was tired but that was normal, right? My digestion would get back to normal eventually, right? Well, that phase dragged on for quite a while and my husband encouraged me to get tested.


After 1 week, my sleep was better and I had more energy despite disrupted sleep through the night. My digestion was back to normal and I could eat foods that bothered me in the past with no problems. I also learned which foods to include or minimize/avoid in my diet to feel my best. The experience was a complete game changer for this busy doctor-mom!

Here is what some of our program participants had to say:

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Juanita F.

"Dr. Adeola’s Forty Day Fresh Start program made a huge difference in my physical, mental, and spiritual health. Of all the treatments I have tried to manage my chronic pain, this program has been the one that made the greatest difference. I cannot recommend Dr. Adeola Mead enough!"

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Jen B.

"I was struggling with low energy, high blood pressure and just not feeling great after having a baby. Dr Mead's program was personalized and well rounded and exactly what I needed! I started feeling better immediately after some diet recommendations and she also helped with mental well being! I highly recommend anyone seeing her to help get your mental and physical health back on track!"

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Verity R.

"Dr. Mead has been a huge help in my recovery from issues I've had with digestion and my thyroid. I have never felt better in my life! I've struggled with digestive issues since I was a toddler and just assumed I would always feel a little bit sick through my life.  By changing my diet and taking prescribed supplements and medicines I felt relief within a month! Thank you, Dr. Mead!"

What to expect: 

1. You will have an initial visit where we review your health history and develop an individualized integrative health plan including recommendations for appropriate lab testing and natural medicines to address your concerns. 

2.  The finger-stick test kits will be mailed to you to collect your blood sample and mail it back to the lab. Within 10-14 days, we will review your specific food sensitivities and begin a meal plan based on your results. Your individualized treatment plan will address any needs revealed by blood and gut microbiome testing.

3. Your individualized meal plan eliminates food sensitivities. These are foods that contribute to inflammation throughout your body and contribute to the chronic illnesses listed above. Eliminating them gives your body a chance to reset, heal and thrive.


4. The health coaching course content is delivered via weekly emails including content on therapeutic nutrition and other lifestyle and mindset hacks to help you to live intentionally with your health - mind, body and spirit - as a top priority.


5. Each week you are presented with another key building block to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes healthy hormones, moods, immune function, digestion and skin as well as emotional, spiritual and interpersonal health.

After 15 years in clinical practice, over 95% of participants have experienced improved energy, digestion, mood and hormone balance! Now it is your turn...


In 40 days, you can have a Fresh Start.​

We have limited availability through Summer 2021 so book your spot today!  Contact us if you have questions.