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Mental & Metabolic Health

I come from a long line of healers and wanted to become a doctor since before I can even remember.


Apparently, as a toddler, I would declare that my ailing grandparents were healed after "caring" for them and would pretend to make them medicines from food and herbs.


This desire stayed with me throughout childhood and when I learned about Naturopathic Medicine it made perfect sense to me to treat whole persons and not just symptoms using natural means.


Over the years, I have found that many of patients struggle with a combination of digestive disturbance, fatigue and mood imbalances like depression or anxiety.


These concerns are always connected yet they had seen many other practitioners who approached their care by attempting to “put out symptom fires”.


This left my patients feeling exhausted and frustrated.


 I have since focused my practice on caring for this exact constellation of concerns and have helped thousands of patients and executive wellbeing coaching clients reclaim their health and vitality through comprehensive testing, diet and lifestyle changes and education regarding therapeutic self care.


Deep healing comes from being seen and feeling heard.


This is what I offer my patients.


My job is to listen attentively as you share your health concerns and then use my experience to identify the root causes of symptom patterns that manifest in various systems within the body.


 I empower you with the knowledge of what is going on in your body.


Together, we develop a treatment plan that focuses on those root causes so that you may enjoy lasting relief from symptoms and prevent future disease. 

VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness

My patients are often professionals in high-pressure careers and/or caregivers pulled in every possible direction.


They rarely have enough time to focus on self care and lack adequate support from employers to invest in their well-being.

In response to this great need, I founded VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness, a “Boutique EAP” agency that is hyper focused on identifying and comprehensively addressing the root cause issues underlying individual and organizational health concerns.

As the Chief Wellbeing Officer, and Director, my goal is to take the burden off of HR departments as a liaison between leadership and individual staff members.


I work collaboratively with small-mid sized organizations and startups to prioritize employee wellbeing and drive measurable business performance.

- Learn more about How I Help You Prioritize Employee Wellbeing here -


Our workplace wellness programs were created to serve organizations that want to support their employees' mental and physical health holistically while also creating a company culture with well-being as a top priority.

Employee burnout and disengagement rates are steadily increasing. Many organizations are also struggling with rising healthcare costs, absenteeism/presenteeism, high attrition rates and low team morale.

It is imperative that companies support staff in ways that boost both mental and physical health.


It is time for an integrative approach that improves the health of individuals and the collective.

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