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Leverage Health Tech For Employee Wellbeing

If you want your corporate wellness program to be a success, it needs to be easily accessible.

Our wellness platform and app empower your employees to take control of their health while helping them make better-informed decisions about their personal approach to wellbeing.

According to a survey conducted by Welltok, 70% of employees have increased their use of technology to support their health.

Compatible with most popular health tracking devices, our HIPAA-compliant app provides a secure space to meet with your personal care team.

Here is just some of what you get access to with our Wellness Platform:

🙌🏾 Personalized mental & metabolic assessment questionnaires

🙌🏾 1-on-1 consults with our care team to review assessment results & receive personalized recommendations

🙌🏾 Wellness activity tracking

🙌🏾 1-on-1 wellness/executive coaching sessions

🙌🏾 Daily mindfulness, fitness and nutrition content

🙌🏾 100+ detailed self-directed wellness plans, including:

❤️ Heart health

🩺 Diabetes control

🏃🏾 ‍Body composition management

🥑 Gut health and more!

Data from the Welltok survey reveals that delivering more personalized wellness programs would motivate 80% of employees to participate in wellness initiatives.

Providing personalized care through a conveniently accessible app like ours can build the confidence your employees need to take better care of themselves and, in turn, be in better shape to engage and perform at work.

Reach out to learn how to set your team up with this holistic wellbeing solution![]

Learn more about the benefits of Health Tech With A Human Touch in this week's Wellness At Work Newsletter.


VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness provides solutions at the intersection of organizational health and individual wellbeing.

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