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Is HR Burnout the New Pandemic?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

According to Workivo survey of over 500 HR professionals across the United States and the United Kingdom:

📌 98% of HR professionals are fatigued and feel under pressure

📌 94% felt overwhelmed

📌 Only 29% felt that their work is valued by their organization.

If that isn’t enough, more HR leaders than ever are reporting being under-resourced, to the extent that they don’t have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

If there was ever a time to promote self-care, this would be it.

Ignite the healing process with a few simple changes:

➡️ Understand compassion fatigue.

➡️ Establish boundaries.

➡️ Admit to the burnout and be transparent about your need for support."

I've been treating burnout in my private practice for over 15 years and have never seen this level of mental and physical exhaustion in my patients before!

We've processed 3x the amount of medical leave of absence documents for patients in the past 2 years compared to the past 13 years in practice.

If you are or know/care about an HR professional experiencing burnout, we can help!

The Forty Day Fresh Start - Mental and Metabolic Health Program, comprehensively addresses burnout.

It includes an in-depth and comprehensive health history review, assessments and personalized treatment recommendations alongside a self care course and weekly health coaching.

Past participants have described the program as "life changing" and one HR professional said:

"I can’t describe how thankful I am to have worked with Dr. Adeola Mead!! Her 40 Day Fresh Start program was incredible and made all the difference in helping me help myself. I’ve been having health issues for a number of years and have worked with several providers over the past 5.

Dr. Mead helped me address so much that was ignored in those other spaces and holistically look at the impacts to my health. I am doing so much better in just the span of several weeks and I credit that to her compassionate care and willingness to educate while treating patients.

This program was worth every penny and I definitely recommend working with her if you are looking for a space to find support while making changes for your health."

Schedule a discovery call to learn more about how we can support you!

VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness provides solutions at the intersection of organizational health and individual wellbeing.

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