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6 Steps to Creating a Career Pathing Program

A career pathing program can help companies retain and attract top talent, stand out from their competitors, and boost #employeeengagement and retention rates.

Here are the steps to follow when creating a career pathing program for your company:

📌 1. Set goals for your career pathing program. Are you hoping to improve retention, attract more top talent, or increase engagement?

📌 2. Create career road maps for each key function. Carefully plan out how one can progress from entry-level to top-level for each path.

📌 3. Create job descriptions for each role along the map. This includes the skills required for the role and the tasks and responsibilities.

📌 4. Define performance standards, including how you will track if your employees are performing to expectation.

📌 5. Offer development and training opportunities for employees to work on the core skills required to reach their next milestone.

📌 6. Provide a mentoring or coaching program that builds accountability and includes regular check-ins and discussions surrounding employee career advancement.

It’s important that companies also leave room for employees to have a say in their career paths. After all, not all may desire to advance into a managerial role or along the path outlined for them.

Asking each team member what their career goals are and where they feel their skills might be best applied, can help create a highly individualized career path guaranteed to keep your workers motivated and engaged.

So, what about flat companies that are smaller and can’t necessarily provide advancement in the traditional sense?

This is when a job re-design to include increased challenges and opportunities could be helpful or perhaps adopting a culture of job rotation where, after a certain amount of time in a role, employees make a lateral move into a new one.

Another option, especially for those not interested in a managerial position, can involve advancing them from entry-level to an expert title specific to their skills and experience.

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