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7 Reasons To Conduct An Anonymous Employee Wellbeing Survey

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

According to a Deloitte report, the NUMBER ONE way organizations identify and reduce stress at work is through staff surveys and/or focus groups.

Anonymous employee wellbeing surveys are a first step in showing employees that you’re serious about investing in their wellbeing.

According to Gallup, employees who work for companies that invest in their wellbeing are:

📌 42% more likely to evaluate their overall lives highly

📌 27% more likely to report “excellent”

performance in their own job at work

📌 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance by their organization

📌 45% more likely to report high levels of adaptability in the presence of change

📌 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months

Employee wellness surveys are important because they give organizations an opportunity to put their employee’s wellbeing first.

With this proactive approach, companies can identify the links between stress, mental and physical health and determine which wellness programs and initiatives will create positive change in employee wellbeing, engagement, company culture and morale.

7 Reasons to Conduct An Anonymous Employee Wellbeing Survey

👉🏽 Assess the current state of employee wellbeing

👉🏽 Uncover what is impacting employee wellbeing

👉🏽 Identify the gaps in the support currently being offered

👉🏽 Make better decisions about wellbeing initiatives and support

👉🏽 Third-party-run anonymous surveys are more likely to result in honest feedback

👉🏽 Provides metrics to monitor and track progress when the survey is repeated later

👉🏽 Improve employee engagement and job satisfaction

Before making any plans for the rest of the year it’s important to meet your employees where they’re at now and assess their needs so you can best support them in the upcoming year and beyond.

VitallTeam Workplace Wellness partners with organizations in customizing, conducting, and interpreting anonymous, 3rd party employee wellbeing surveys.

With the results, you can strategically and effectively boost employee wellbeing, engagement, performance and job satisfaction.

Learn more about how to empower your employees to do their best work in this week's Wellness At Work Newsletter.


VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness provides solutions at the intersection of organizational health and individual wellbeing.

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