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Communication Is Key!

Good communication goes a long way in the workplace.

When communication in the workplace is good, it improves engagement, increases productivity, job satisfaction and retention rates, and facilitates trust and collaboration between teams.

Here are six tips anyone can apply to become a better communicator at work and in life:

  1. Give others your undivided attention. When participating in a conversation, eliminate any distractions (such as emails or phones) and focus on staying in the conversation instead of letting your mind wander.

  2. Think ahead. Plan what you want to say and how you want to communicate it – this is especially important for a leader getting ready to communicate a new strategy, goal, or task.

  3. Practice active listening. Listening is just as important for communication as talking is. Ensure you make eye contact, respond appropriately, and acknowledge your understanding of what the other is saying.

  4. Be clear and concise. Avoid getting into long, drawn-out speeches or emails to get your point across - deliver it quickly and clearly to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

  5. Develop your emotional intelligence. Also known as interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence is key for understanding and regulating our emotions and responding to others’ emotions appropriately.

  6. Speak calmly and confidently. Take the time to articulate yourself how you intend to and pay attention to your body language when speaking – people who exude confidence attract more respect.

Learn more about how to support your team by fostering a culture that respects boundaries in this week's Wellness At Work Newsletter.


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