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Boost Productivity By 25% With This Simple Focus

Communication challenges cost large corporations $62.4M per year.

That’s right, poor communication is a huge drain on productivity and profitability.

How does communication impact productivity?

A failure to communicate effectively can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings and frustrations in the workplace, not to mention the cost it has on productivity - 28% of employees blame poor communication as the reason for missed deadlines. The ramifications go even further to impact company morale, missed performance goals and lost sales.

Communication builds connections between employees – according to a Connected Culture report, 71% of employees who said they were more productive also felt well-connected to their colleagues. Further, a McKinsey report found that well-connected teams are 20-25% more productive.

What can leaders do to ensure they’re communicating effectively with employees?

  1. Define and communicate roles, goals and expectations: It’s important for everyone on a team to be crystal clear about their role and responsibilities in achieving shared goals.

  2. Deliver your message clearly: Speak politely and concisely in order to get your message across as clearly as possible. Avoid unnecessary details or using a tone when a tone isn’t intended.

  3. Provide feedback and recognition: According to a Harvard Business Review article, 72% of employees feel their performance would improve if managers were to provide feedback – even if it’s negative. On the other hand, employees also want to feel valued and recognized for their efforts.

  4. Keep everyone in the loop: Employees want to know and be involved in the bigger picture. If there’s a goal they’re working towards or a strategy they’re implementing, explain why. Keep them informed of changes to deadlines and priorities to ensure proper adjustments can be made.

  5. Be an active listener: Communication goes both ways, so sometimes it’s about listening more than talking. Show genuine interest in what your employees say and keep an open mind to two-way feedback so you can nurture trust.

VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness helps companies build thriving cultures with a focus on whole-person well-being, social connection, and data-based organizational health initiatives.

Schedule a discovery call today to learn more about how we can help you promote overall organizational health and the individual wellbeing of each member of your team while boosting productivity and profitability.


Adeola Mead is a Naturopathic Physician with 15+ years of clinical and corporate consultancy experience.

Vitaliteam Workplace Wellness provides and curates health/wellness services and experiences centered on holistic, personalized care for individuals while fostering social connection and positive team cultures.

We are a “Boutique EAP” agency that is hyper focused on identifying and comprehensively addressing the root cause issues underlying individual and organizational health concerns. Contact us for a complimentary health consult or corporate wellness discovery call.


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