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Boost Employee Retention By 68% By Getting Better At This!

Are your employees getting all the recognition they crave and deserve?

Quantum Workplace’s research found that 53% of employees want more recognition.

Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of an employee’s contributions and recognition of their exemplary performance.

Recognition serves to reinforce positive and desirable behaviors in the workplace, motivate effort, and instill pride and loyalty within employees.

68% of HR professionals surveyed by SHRM reported that recognition positively affects retention and 55% said the same for recruitment.

Imagine if all your employees came to work each day brimming with pride, feeling engaged, and ready to nurture a supportive and collaborative environment?

With a solid employee recognition program, you can achieve this, but it’s important that these programs be created thoughtfully and with all your employees in mind to ensure inclusivity.

After all, we all have our own preferences for how we like to be recognized and appreciated at work.

For example, some prefer a cash bonus, while others may prefer to be recognized publicly through a company newsletter, and some may be satisfied with a simple “Thank you for all your hard work this week.”

A well-curated employee recognition program should:

Be specific

Ensure there are clear guidelines for what merits which achievement or award.

Be timely

Ensure recognition is given within an appropriate time frame. Waiting too long could feel like a “too little, too late” effort.

Tie in company values

Recognize employees who demonstrate exemplary behavior that mirrors the company values.

Offer different types of recognition and awards

Get to know how your employees like to be recognized and offer different types of incentives that employees can work towards based on their preferred reward.

Should not overlook the small things

Regular “Thank you’s” and “Great work,” whether communicated verbally or through a written note, go a long way in making employees feel appreciated daily.

Encourage a company culture where genuine comments and compliments are dispersed regularly.

85% of HR leaders say that employee recognition programs positively affect organizational culture.

VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness helps companies build thriving cultures where recognition is the norm with a focus on whole-person well-being, social connection, and data-based organizational health initiatives.

Schedule a discovery call today to learn more about how we can help you promote overall organizational health and the individual wellbeing of each member of your team while boosting productivity and profitability.


Adeola Mead is a Naturopathic Physician with 15+ years of clinical and corporate consultancy experience.

Vitaliteam Workplace Wellness provides and curates health/wellness services and experiences centered on holistic, personalized care for individuals while fostering social connection and positive team cultures.

We are a “Boutique EAP” agency that is hyper focused on identifying and comprehensively addressing the root cause issues underlying individual and organizational health concerns.

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