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Food Sensitivities - Oh My!

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Food sensitivities are becoming more common. Sometimes as we grow older, we can become less able to properly process certain foods and other times children are born with or shortly after birth, develop sensitivities to foods that cause digestive, metabolic or mood problems. Symptoms may be expressed within hours to days after ingesting the offending foods.

These sensitivities can come about in several ways including the following:

- Regular consumption of limited foods

- Antibiotics - recent or prolonged use

- Environmental pollution

- Dysbiosis - a deficiency of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract

- Early introduction to foods - that is, before the GI tract is fully developed

- Impaired digestion

- Genetic predisposition - runs in families

- Hypochlorhydria and/or pancreatic insufficiency -that is, low stomach acid and digestive enzymes, often related to stress

- Leaky gut - damaged cells in the gut lining that allow undigested food particles straight into your blood stream (Yikes!)

Once these sensitivities are formed, the body will mount an inflammatory response. Inflammation is linked to insulin resistance which promotes fatigue, high blood pressure, bloating due to poor digestion, poor blood sugar control, fat storage and weight gain (especially in the abdomen). Chronic inflammation can also be associated with PMS and menstrual irregularities, joint pain, brain fog, anxiety and depression.

Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities can help reduce generalized inflammation. Reducing inflammation is a key component to reducing cardiovascular health risks including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes/insulin resistance and other aspects of metabolic syndrome in general.

Food sensitivity testing helps you understand your body's reactivity and equips you with the information you need to take the next steps in your diet and lifestyle to optimize your health and well-being. What could be better that that?? For more information, check out this great article Gut Immunity by Alletess Medical Lab.

I offer Food Sensitivity blood testing in my practice and find it incredibly helpful in resolving the chronic health issues listed above and more.

Contact us today to have your food sensitivities identified so you can continue your journey to optimal health and vitality!

Here's to your health,

Dr. Mead

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