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Need a Fresh Start?

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

So if you're like me, once November arrives, you start pushing "to-do's" off until January. New bedtime routine for the kids? January. Haircut? January. Diet change? January. Bleeding ulcer? Janu... wait, you should take care of that now!

If that sounds like you too AND you want to prioritize your health in the coming year, then you might need a Fresh Start for 2020.

You are not alone :) and that is why I've created the Forty Day Fresh Start Online Program.

The program consists of:

-- three (3) virtual visits - an initial health assessment with individualized natural treatment recommendations; two follow-up visits to check in on progress mid-program and at the end of the forty days

-- food sensitivity testing and an individualized diet plan based on results

-- a 10 day jump start general detox and

-- a nutrition / lifestyle / mental wellness self-directed, self care course.

There will be weekly Q&A sessions to discuss the course content and build community with others getting their Fresh Start on.

Within forty days, you will develop habits that promote your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. That will look like wayyyy more -

- energy

- mental clarity

- improved digestion

- blood sugar control

- restful sleep

- boosting your immune system

- balancing hormones

- practice setting healthy boundaries and

- daily cultivation of joy and more!

Here's what I can guarantee - after this program, taking such good care of yourself, learning more about how to maintain the benefits you achieve and developing these habits that cultivate joy in your life - you will not be able to go back to a diet and lifestyle that does not benefit you. You might try but your body and soul will have something to say about it (read: your body will yell at you) and you will likely want to listen...

Here's the plan in 3 steps:

1. November 22nd - December 30th:

Book a complimentary care consult to discuss your concerns and goals, see if you would be a good candidate for the program and, enroll.

2. December 16th - January 4th:

Schedule a virtual initial visit to determine your individual needs and get your food sensitivities tested.

3. January 6th - February 14th:

Enjoy a detox, individualized diet and integrative self care course where you develop positive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self care habits.

Enrollment is currently open and I am very excited to journey with you as you freshen up your future health.

PS. If you don't want to wait until January, that is great! I am happy to run a cohort sooner if there is enough interest so grab some friends, book a complimentary consult and let's make it a healthy holiday season to remember!


Email me:

Best regards,

Dr. Adeola Mead, ND

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