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How I Help You Prioritize Employee Wellbeing

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Does your organization need a Chief Wellbeing Officer?

Chief Wellbeing Officers support you in creating a healthy and happy workplace where employees feel engaged, motivated, productive and valued.

There is a growing demand for companies to focus on employee wellbeing.

According to Gallup, "employees of all generations rank "the organization cares about employees' wellbeing" in their top three criteria.

For millennials and Generation Z, it's their No. 1 workplace want."

Firms like Deloitte, EY and Aeon are hiring Chief Wellbeing Officers to help them prioritize their employees' wellbeing needs.

Companies with cultures that prioritize employee wellbeing help reduce the widespread effects of chronic stress and burnout while enriching workplace experiences.

Gallup research has also revealed that "... the impact of wellbeing extends far beyond how people feel -- it affects the number of sick days employees take, their job performance, burnout and likelihood of leaving your organization.

Here are just some of the costs of poor wellbeing:

📌 75% of medical costs accrued mostly due to preventable conditions

📌 $20 million of additional lost opportunity for every 10,000 workers due to struggling or suffering employees

📌 $322 billion of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout

📌 15% to 20% of total payroll in voluntary turnover costs, on average, due to burnout"

However, not every company has the resources for this C-level role.

That's where I come in.

As your fractional Chief Holistic Wellbeing Officer, my goal is to:

🙌🏾 Take the burden off of #HR departments who have had the additional responsibility to promote employee mental/physical health thrust on them over the past few challenging years - on top of their many traditional roles/tasks!

🙌🏾 Be a liaison between leadership and individual employees to ensure that the strategies implemented are targeted to maximize your ROI

🙌🏾 Comprehensively prevent and address burnout to fuel measurable business performance

🙌🏾 Help to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent

As your Fractional CWO, you'll have access to my team supporting you in improving workplace wellbeing and company culture by:

✔️ Assessing your employees' wellbeing needs

✔️ Providing your leadership team and staff with wellbeing training, coaching, retreats classes and individualized programs

✔️ Implementing culture-building initiatives and strategies focused on employee wellbeing and productivity

Are you ready to boost retention, productivity and your employer brand via world-class wellbeing support?

Learn more about the role of a Chief Wellbeing Officer in this Week's Wellness At Work Newsletter.

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