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Spring Branches

 Joyful. Purposeful. Sustainable. Self Care

Are you feeling stuck in routines that don't serve you?

Do you tend to make everything and everyone else a priority and then have little to no time/energy left for self care?

Are you running on a treadmill of endless to-do's but feel exhausted even thinking about them?

Are you dealing with chronic health concerns like:



Digestive Disturbance

Muscle and Joint Pain



Menstrual Irregularities

Peri-menopause / Menopause Symptoms

High Blood Pressure and/or Blood Sugar

Anxiety and/or Depression

Are you craving a shift that prioritizes your holistic wellbeing - mind, body and spirit?

Is it time to make some REAL progress on your health and wellbeing goals?

If the answer is 🙌🏼 "YES!" 🙌🏼 , then join us virtually for a transformational 6 week Nutrition and Lifestyle Reset Program starting  February 24, 2023.

"Dr. Adeola’s program made a huge difference in my physical, mental, and spiritual health.


By clearing my diet of inflammatory foods, especially those revealed by sensitivity testing, the program created space to address other aspects of wellness—gratitude, gut feelings, boundaries, and spiritual practices.

Of all the treatments I have tried to manage my chronic pain, this program has been the one that made the greatest difference.


I cannot recommend Dr. Adeola Mead enough!" - JF

The Japanese concept of Ikigai compels us to seek and cultivate purpose and joy in all aspects of our lives.

Self care included!

In this program we will explore what it means to leave "shoulds" behind and really listen to our bodies to create nutrition and lifestyle routines that serve us, sustainably. 

The recipe for sustainable wellbeing is:

Individualized Nutrition + Therapeutic Self Care + Support and Accountability

Individualized Nutrition

What we put into our bodies, matters.


When we are aware of which foods promote health and vitality as opposed to inflammation/disease, we are empowered to make nutrition choices that serve as preventative medicine.

Food As Medicine! What could be better than that?

Therapeutic Self Care

"Action expresses priorities" - Mahatma Ghandi

Priorities become realities when we create routines that ensure their execution.

When we implement self care routines to meet our own needs, we express that we consider ourselves -  our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health - a priority.

We protect our greatest asset: our capacity.

We invest in our capacity to achieve all of our goals and dreams.

Support and Accountability

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

We are better together. 

Join like-minded individuals with the common goal of reclaiming their capacity to to reach their full potential. 

"Dr. Mead's program was life changing.

Food is definitely medicine. I learned so much about food and what my body needs. Also doing the food sensitivity testing and eliminating those foods from my diet was a game changer.

After 3-4 week, excess fat my body had been holding on to just melted off. I now have many new delicious healthy recipes thanks to Sherry, the wellness coach.


And I have extensive knowledge from the weekly and daily lessons in the program so I can move forward on my own knowing how to keep my own health as strong as possible." - CP

The Sustainable Wellbeing Program includes:

>> A Spa Mini-Retreat to kick off our program. Learn more about how to apply ikigai concepts to your self care and treat yourself to a massage or organic facial.


 >> A 6 Week Health Coaching Course that guides you in implementing mind-body practices that become your sustainable self care routine.

>> A Private Online Group for peer support to share the journey, encouragement and accountability.

>> Wellbeing Webinars to help you harness the power of your mind, body and spirit to achieve your big goals, together.

Sherry Jaqua, Wellness Coordinator

"Anti-inflammatory nutrition tips, resources and Q&A"

Herrieta Obriko, Clinical Hypnotherapist 

"Harness the power of your mind to reach your personal, professional and financial goals"

Dr. Apurva Zawar, Physical Therapist 

" Pain Free 2023: How to improve your body mechanics to manage and heal from chronic pain"

Melody Buchanan, Reiki Master 

"How to identify and align with your sense of purpose  to create a joyful  and fulfilling life"

Jean Prominski, Certified Profession Organizer & Coach

"Creating mental space & wellness by organizing your physical environment"


>> Anti-Inflammatory Diet Support resources and recipes to deeply nourish your body and help you identify the foods that will reduce inflammation and improve Mental and Metabolic Health. 

-Get individualized nutrition data by choosing testing for food sensitivities! -

>> A Communal Gathering to celebrate our progress as we close the program and begin our journey within to intentionally cultivate joy and purpose in all aspects of our lives.

"I can’t describe how thankful I am to have worked with Dr. Adeola Mead!! Her program was incredible and made all the difference in helping me help myself.

 This program was worth every penny and I definitely recommend working with her if you are looking for a space to find support while making changes for your health." 

- HH

Body Massage

Join us in-person at Seattle's Spa Noir for a mini-retreat with massages, facials, 1-1 consults and like-minded connections to journey with you. Learn more here.

Healthy Food

Cultivate a healthy mind and body with support/accountability.


We can do this... together :)


We'll begin our Ikigai Journey group and work through the concepts. mindsets and steps required to truly create lives that we love. 

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