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Ikigai Book Club


Why Ikigai?

One of my words for the year is Ikigai.

I am fascinated by the Japanese concept of finding and existing in that "sweet spot" that gives you a reason to get out of bed and "wake up to joy". 

This has become more important to me as I wear so many hats in my life as a physician, consultant, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc...

It can be really easy to get lost in the many tasks on my 'to-do' list and lose sight of:


  • the simple joy of being 

  • taking advantage of opportunities to grow in self awareness

  • gaining  clarity on my sense of purpose and

  • using that clarity to intentionally/ strategically apply my talents to  benefit as many people and causes as possible!

Can you relate?

It is also SO important to function as integrated beings (mind/body/spirit/soul) and continue to develop in a supportive community. 

It takes a village to be well!

In light of this, I've decided to host a Free Ikigai Book Club!

We'll be going through the Ikigai Journey Journal together and meeting virtually monthly to share insights, discuss our progress and offer support and accountability.

We'll also have a private online group where we can connect regularly on concepts we are working on :)

If you want to:

  • Grow in self awareness

  • Design a healthy, joyful and purposeful life for yourself that also benefits your community

  • Grow your network and share the journey in a community of like-minded individuals ready to support you...

This is the book club for you!

According to 


"The concept of ikigai is said to have evolved from the basic health and wellness principles of traditional Japanese medicine.


This medical tradition holds that physical wellbeing is affected by one’s mental–emotional health and sense of purpose in life.

Japanese psychologist Michiko Kumano (2017) has said that ikigai is a state of wellbeing that arises from devotion to activities one enjoys, which also brings a sense of fulfillment.

Further, it is said that everyone has an ikigai – their particular intersection of passion, talent, and potential to benefit others. It is only a matter of finding it.


The journey to ikigai might require time, deep self-reflection, and effort, but it is one we can all make."

I am ready to make that journey and invite you to join us :)

Next steps:

  1. Complete the sign-up form below 👇🏽

  2. Purchase your copy of the book 

  3. Keep an eye out for an invitation to our first monthly meeting in mid-May.

  4. If you have questions or what to chat about whether the book club is a good fit you: 

See you in there!

Let’s Grow Together!

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Seattle, WA 98117

Tel: 206. 558. 6688

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