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Self Care September

Let's tune into our wellbeing needs and achieve our goals... together!

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It's all about the journey....

Comprehensive Wellbeing Assessment
Digital Behavioral Health Support

Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Guidance

Self Care Health Coaching Course

Clinical/Peer Support and Accountability 

Do you need some time to reconnect with yourself?

Have you arrived at the end of summer feeling drained and exhausted?

Do you need to ramp back up at work and caregiving duties but feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?

Do you need to re-center your health/wellness and wellbeing going into the Fall after embracing all the fun and activity of the summer? 

We see you and we're here to support you!

Joins us for a 6 week self discovery and self care journey where you'll have access to:

Gallup's Net Thriving Assessment helps you better understand your Physical, Emotional, Social, Career, Financial and Community wellbeing needs. 


Behavioral Health Support via Happify to

help you build skills for lasting happiness.

Happify turns the latest innovations in

positive psychology, CBT, and mindfulness

into activities and games that help you lead

a more fulfilling life.

An optional anti-inflammatory nutrition

plan to help you take control of your physical

health to boost your energy, mental clarity

and productivity!

Our "Sustainable Wellbeing" health coaching course guides you through weekly

mind-body practices to help you

build a lifestyle where you can thrive. 

Where: Online

When: Weekly meetings starting

September 2023 


Pricing: $199

Reach out to learn more about our team/group pricing -

Here is what recent participants have said...

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I'm so ready for this... 
Sign me up!

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