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90 Day New Normal Program

The Ninety-Day New Normal Program is a revolution in your health.

Prepare for an increase in energy levels and cognition, hormone balance, digestion and overall mental wellness.


Thriving will be your New Normal!


This program includes comprehensive and integrative healthcare, weekly virtual visits, supplements and the following plan:

  • Stage 1: (Days 1-21) - Twenty-One Day Tune-up 

    • Initial visit, baseline blood/Ixcela testing and beginning prescribed supplements

    • Intermittent fasting nutrition and lifestyle guidance delivered via health tracking app and email

    • Re-sets metabolism  >>  All set to begin your health journey with a Fresh Start..

    • Sign up for a FREE 7 DAY Preview of this Stage! 

  • Stage 2: (Days 22-62) - Forty Day Fresh Start 

    • 10 Day Diet and Lifestyle Detox

    •  Food Sensitivity testing and nutrition plan based on results

    •  6 week mental wellness health coaching  >>  Heal mind, body, spirit

  • Stage 3: (Days 63-90) - New Normal 

    • Implementation of personalized maintenance health plan to improve Digestive Health, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, Energetic Efficiency, and Immune Fitness >> Thrive!


Ixcela Testing and Counseling

Gut health impacts digestive health, the immune system, brain health, emotional balance, and energetic efficiency. Testing your gut provides critical insight into how your lifestyle choices and habits are affecting your internal health. During your counseling session, we will go over the results, as well as personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Learn more about Ixcela’s at-home pinprick blood test at

Price: $364 ($269 for the Ixcela Assess test kit + $95 for counseling session with action plan)

Use my pro code [ DrMeadND] to get special pricing.

Ixcela’s approach is focused on restoring “Internal Health” using a sophisticated yet simple at-home test that identifies imbalances in key molecules associated with the gut microbiome. These compounds play an important role in many aspects of health, including Digestive Health, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, Energetic Efficiency, and Immune Fitness.

Ixcela also provides data to help restore these molecules to their proper levels through a personalized program of dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as personalized supplements targeted at improving gut microbiome health.

The Ixcela test is part of our Forty Day Fresh Start and Ninety Day New Normal Wellness Programs.

Contact us for more information regarding the 90 Day New Normal Program and Ixcela Testing today!

Check out a preview of Ixcela test results below:

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