Corporate Wellness Programs

Now more than ever, there is a need to focus on mental health as a function of overall wellbeing. Stress and anxiety levels have increased significantly among workers juggling family/personal life while navigating their careers. 


Employers have an opportunity to support their staff with initiatives that promote the mental and physical health of both individuals and the collective.

Participants of our programs report improvements in productivity, stress management, immune function, mood, digestive health, cognition and focus.


These benefits result in a reduction in health care costs, absenteeism and attrition rate for the company.


Say goodbye to staff burnout and disengagement.


Say hello to employees that feel supported in prioritizing their health as they thrive on every level. 

Our customizable programs can include:

>> Retreats

>> Mental & Metabolic Health Screening

>>  Gut Microbiome Testing


>> Individualized Anti-inflammatory diet 


>> Individualized Fitness Plans


>> Mindfulness Exercises

>> "Therapeutic Self Care School" Online Course

>> Health Tracking Apps and more...

>> Weekly Group Meetings to promote camaraderie and a wellness culture as participants

implement therapeutic self care practices

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Ixcela Gut Microbiome Testing

Gut health impacts the immune system, emotional balance, energetic efficiency, digestion and brain health. Testing the gut provides critical insight into how  lifestyle choices and habits are affecting internal health. During the program, test results are explained and personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are offered to ensure that individual health goals are met. 

Ixcela’s approach is focused on restoring “Internal Health” using a sophisticated yet simple at-home test that identifies imbalances in key molecules associated with the gut microbiome. These compounds play an important role in many aspects of health, including Digestive Health, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, Energetic Efficiency, and Immune Fitness.

Ixcela also provides data to help restore these molecules to their proper levels through a personalized program of dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as personalized supplements targeted at improving gut microbiome health.



Therapeutic Self Care School

 This course work is delivered via email and is accessible in our program health tracking app. The content delivers health education with the focus on informed, therapeutic self care as a medium for disease prevention and ongoing health promotion and maintenance. 

Content is reviewed during short, weekly group meetings where participants share 'take-aways and tips' as they implement self care practices assigned for that module. Individual privacy is maintained while creating a group culture of camaraderie in health and wellness.