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Team Wellness Week

Care. Connection. Culture.

This experience promotes individual mental and physical wellbeing while deepening a sense of social  connection and building a positive team culture.

You will have access to the following:

 Mental and Physical Wellness Support

  • Receive daily mindfulness, fitness and nutrition content.

  • Optional intermittent fasting and detox support

Individualized Care

  • Metabolic  Assessment Questionnaires

  •  1-on-1 consults with our care team to review  results & receive personalized recommendations

  • A health tracking app

Team Building/ Social Connection

  • Share your progress and support fellow team members via our moderated, private online group

  • Build social connection, camaraderie and positive culture of wellness

* Contact us to discuss group pricing for your professional team*

These programs are customizable so feel free to share ideas on what you feel would work best for your team.

**Registration includes a +1 access pass :) **

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