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Prepare to reach your full potential ...


Journeying together toward a deeper understanding of your health and a greater capacity for total vitality - in mind, body and spirit.




Identifying the root causes of disease via:

Thorough health history review

Screening physical exams

Nutritional analysis
Gene SNP analysis

Organic acid testing

Food intolerance/sensitivity tests

Neurotransmitter testing

Gastrointesinal/Stool analysis

Hormone panels

Metabolic blood tests

Genecept Assay


Healing the body, affects the mind and spirit.

Clinical Nutrition

Dietary modification and nutritional supplements treat nutritional imbalances associated with disease.

Botanical Medicine

Medicinal plants are highly effective and safe as teas, tinctures or capsules.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's innate healing capacity.


There is more to life than our to - do lists. There is a sense of deep joy that comes with discovering and intentionally living out one's purpose. My passion is helping you create sustainable joy and the whole-being health that follows.

Joyful Lifestyle Counseling

Stress management, spirituality, exercise/movement and self care are integral aspects of each individualized treatment plan.


"Dr. Mead is a visionary healer. She heals with insight and intuition, skill and compassion.

She heals with love."

-- TC, patient



Tues: 9am - 12pm

Fri: 9am - 12pm
Sat: 9am - 12pm



Should you be arriving by car, we offer a parking lot with parking for our customers and street parking.

8012 15th Ave NW Seattle WA United States 98117

(206) 707-9366


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November 23, 2019

So if you're like me, once November arrives, you start pushing "to-do's" off until January. New bedtime routine for the kids? January. Haircut? January. Diet change? January. Bleeding ulcer? Janu... wait, you should take care of that now!

If that sounds like you too AND you want to prioritize your health in the coming year, then you might need a Fresh Start for 2020.

You are not alone :) and that is why I've created the Forty Da...

January 24, 2018

In this 1-minute video, learn 3 simple ways to prevent illness. For more information on how to boost your immune system check out this post.

Here's to your health,

Dr Mead

January 17, 2018

Dr Mead now offers The Evolution Weight Management Program!!

The DesBio Evolution Weight Management Program has helped over 150,000 people achieve their weight loss goals.
This program provides a suite of homeopathic and nutraceutical products to reduce appetite, support a healthy metabolism, and address the many common side effects of dieting. An easy-to-follow patient guide outlines the entire program from start to finish a...

January 17, 2018

Exciting news! Dr Mead is now offering Gene SNP DNA Analysis and DesBio's Evolution Weight Management Program.

Why DNA Analysis?

I think we've all figured out by now that there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for losing weight and maintaining optimal health.

There are so many people left wondering:

• Why don’t I lose weight on the same diet as someone else?
• What type of meal plan will work best for me?
• What type...

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