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Self Discovery & Self Care
Women's Mini Retreat 

The beginning of our Sustainable Wellbeing Journey

Head Massage

It's all about the journey....

Joyful Self Care

Purposeful Living

Supportive Community 



1-1 Consults


Do you need some time to reconnect with yourself?

Are you working hard and wearing all the hats?

Do you put everyone else's needs before yours and are now feeling depleted?

Do you need some time to clear you mind and chart a new path forward?

Has your holistic wellbeing become a top priority for you?

We see you and we're here to support you!

This in-person, mini-retreat, kicks off our 6 week, online nutrition and lifestyle Sustainable Wellbeing Program which includes:

 Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Guidance


A Therapeutic Self Care Course


Support and Accountability


Massages, Customized Organic Facials, 1-1 Nutrition and Therapeutic Self Care Consults.

You'll have access to a Mental and Metabolic Wellness Assessment and an opportunity to review your results and gain insights on how best to promote your wellbeing with Dr Adeola Mead. 

During the session, you'll learn more about how to apply the Japanese concept of Ikigai to your self care and other aspects of your holistic wellbeing.  

You'll have time to journal and connect with like-minded women also ready to explore what it means to live intentionally - prioritizing wellbeing and a deep sense of purpose.

Where: Spa Noir, Belltown - Seattle 

When: Sunday, February 26th from 1:15 -5pm



$325/person- Mini-Retreat only

(food, wellness services and "Self Care That Sparks Joy" workshop and 1-1 consults included)

$550/person- Sustainable Wellbeing Program only 

$775/ person - Retreat + Sustainable Wellbeing program ($100 savings!)

Only 8 Retreat spots available! 

Sign up today for our first come first serve table  massages  OR  organic facial /foot treatment services!

This is your time to...

Herbal Tea
Spa and Wellness

I'm so ready for this... 
Sign me up!

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